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this is my...
d y i n g a n t h e m
I hate doing this. 
Oct 11 07
[OiTNB] prison blues
Friends cut.

I just felt like I didn't get to know some of you and there were some that have never updated. I wasn't able to keep up with everyone. No hard feelings?
Oct 11 07 (UTC)
I made it! *huggles*

Here, have some Milo. :D
Oct 11 07 (UTC)
Aww yayz you kept me!! ^.^
Oct 11 07 (UTC)
I'm still here. YAYZ!
Oct 11 07 (UTC)
*sniff* bye me. i've been cut. its cool though, i'm just picking. don't feel bad, i understand.
Oct 11 07 (UTC)
Yay I made the cut! :D

Oct 12 07 (UTC)
Yay, you kept me! *loves you*
Oct 12 07 (UTC)
Would I have seen this post of yours if I was cut? *looks around worried*
Oct 12 07 (UTC)
You would because it's public, but you don't have to worry. You're still there. ;)
Oct 13 07 (UTC)
Ok *wipes forehead* good to know :)
Oct 12 07 (UTC)
so long as i didn't get cut...

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